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Umbrella Cockatoo? Because they love to do tricks, umbrella cockatoos make highly fascinating pets for avian enthusiasts. Although they are a kind species, umbrella cockatoos can be excessively devoted and even obsessed with their keepers. These birds may need more care and attention than many other species, but they more than makeup for it with their endearing humorous quality. Cockatoo

However, prospective owners should be certain that they can meet the needs of an umbrella cockatoo before getting one, just like with other birds.

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Overview of Species: Umbrella Cockatoo?

Common Names: White cockatoo, white-crested cockatoo, umbrella cockatoo

Scientific Name: Cacatua alba

Size for Adults: 18 to 24 inches in length

Life Expectancy: With the right care, 70 to 80 years or longer in captivity

Background and History of Umbrella Cockatoo?

The Indonesian tropics are home to the umbrella cockatoo. The Maluku Islands, located in the center and north of the archipelago, are the birds’ native habitat. These days, you may find them all around Indonesia. These birds can be found in open woodlands, mangroves, marshes, and forests. They love residing near rivers, the margins of clearings, and farms since these areas are abundant in food. cockatoo-lifespan

The birds pick at crops because their native areas have been converted to farms, and farmers view them as a nuisance. A lack of habitat, hunters, and trappers has resulted in a decline in the population of the umbrella cockatoo species. Umbrella cockatoos, once in danger of extinction, are now a protected species.

Temperament Of Umbrella Cockatoo

Due to their inherent gentleness, docility, and sweetness of disposition, umbrella cockatoos make excellent companion birds. In the wildlife, umbrella cockatoos mate for life. They bond quite closely with their partner, perhaps even more so than other cockatoo species.

They frequently remain together with their partner and will join small flocks of umbrella cockatoos. A mated couple that is split up frequently experiences true depression in each of the birds. They are rarely hostile and soon develop close relationships with those who look after them. These friendly birds enjoy cuddling with their preferred person, other bird, or even inanimate item. where do hummingbirds live

These parrots do best with equally devoted and loving owners. Plan on giving this species at least one to two hours each day of training, care, and enrichment because they beg to be indulged.

Umbrellas are extremely sociable and smart. They are able to pick up and master a range of tricks. They are frequently used as the star of bird exhibitions since they are simple to teach. The most effective training is done in brief, everyday sessions. Have a variety of safe bird toys on hand to keep your bird from getting bored. Although this species is not well renowned for imitating human speech, it does screech loudly to express its anger or joy.

Speaking and singing of Umbrella Cockatoo

Cockatoo parrot

While there are cockatoos that can mimic human speech on occasion, these birds are generally not good talkers or sound imitators. When disturbed, they hiss or screech loudly and annoyingly. Their raucous vocalizations were utilized for communication in the wild and could travel great distances.

When in captivity, they frequently squawk loudly to get people’s attention. For this reason, people who live in apartments, or condos, or who have near neighbors might not want to get umbrella cockatoos.

Colors and markings of umbrella cockatoo

The majority of umbrella cockatoos are white, and their crest is all-white. Its crest will rise into a striking umbrella-like fan whether it is wooing a mate, angry, enthusiastic, afraid, or even plain frustrated. It can also be an odd method for a bird to show that it is curious about something new, and it frequently serves as a signal that the bird wants to be left alone. The fact that the bird may bite if approached is also a good warning indication. When flying, the delicate yellow undersides of the wings and tail feathers look stunning.

Males are noticeably larger even though females and males have largely similar coloring. The skulls and beaks of males are larger. The feet and beaks of umbrella cockatoos are either gray or black. Some people’s eyelid rings have a hint of light blue. Males typically have irises that are dark brown and practically black in appearance. Reddish-brown eyes are typically seen in older females.

How to take care of the Umbrella Cockatoo

Due to their size, umbrella cockatoos require a large cage and play area. Since these birds don’t like being contained, get the biggest enclosure you can. In a small area, this species may act out or become extremely unhappy, which may result in self-harm or disease.

Birds that sleep during the day like umbrella cockatoos need 10 to 12 hours of unbroken sleep each night. To keep them healthy and happy, they must get enough sleep. The down of cockatoos is powdery. Regularly bathe the bird to lessen the amount of dust it naturally emits.

Typical Health Issues of Umbrella Cockatoo

If umbrella cockatoos become depressed or require mental stimulation, they may pluck at or pull out their feathers. They are vulnerable to the lethal virus known as psittacine beak and feather sickness. Furthermore, if they consume meals that are overly rich in fat, they may develop fatty liver disease and gain weight.

Nutrition and Diet

Umbrella cockatoos are heavy eaters, just like all giant parrots. They spend most of the day searching for food outdoors. Their staple foods include grains, seeds, nuts, coconuts, and other products found in farmer’s fields. For a pet, formulated pelleted diets should make up roughly 80% of their food. Vegetables of all kinds, especially leafy greens and root vegetables, should make up the majority of the rest of their diet.

Fresh sprouts, fruit, and high-quality grains like quinoa and other ancient grains are all excellent food options for this species. Fresh water should always be available. Feed them wholesome nuts from time to time, such as almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, and walnuts. You can also give out treats made from nutritious seeds like flaxseed, hemp, or milk thistle.

Exercise of Umbrella Cockatoo

Birds called umbrella cockatoos are active. Like all parrots, they require at least two hours daily spent playing and exercising outside of their cage. To exercise the bird’s strong beak, give it various chewable bird toys. To avoid boredom, occasionally rotate the toys. Toys are useful for stimulation, enrichment, and exercise. You may teach your cockatoo to play whiffle ball catch on the ground.

For the sake of bonding and giving the bird a chance to move its muscles, structured playtime is crucial. Add many ladders and swings to the cage to promote and boost activity. These are enlivening habitat improvements that will let your cockatoo move around and use up energy in a healthy way.


  • Sociable and loving
  • Intelligent
  • May be taught to play and do stunts


  • Possibly loud
  • Be influenced by the owners
  • Want a lot of room

Locations to Purchase or Adopt an Umbrella Cockatoo

One of the most popular varieties of cockatoos kept as pets in the U.S. is the umbrella cockatoo. Rescue groups are overflowing with unwanted cockatoos due to the demanding needs of these birds. By the time it is three years old, umbrella cockatoos frequently move to their second residence. Get in touch with the Center for Avian Rescue, Adoption, and Education to save one. Which keeps a list of trustworthy bird rescue organizations around the United States. Breeders often charge between $1,000 and $4,000. Contact the Beauty of Birds for a list of trustworthy cockatoo breeders.

If you decide to use a breeder, question the breeder. Visit their facilities and enquire about how long they have been breeding and working with the species you are interested in. Look for indications of the flock’s robust general health as you browse their stock. The birds should have bright eyes, clean feathers, and full crops, and they should be active and alert.

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